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Bully Benches is a welding and metal fabrication company specializing in industrial work benches.

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The Bully Bench

Weight Cap: 4800lbs

Standard model: $5300

Our benches are built to withstand heavy duty punishment while keeping your work organized, mobile, and readily accessible. 

Bully Bench


- Thick ESD tabletop dissipates 5000 volts of static electricity in 0.01 seconds to keep your sensitive work safe.

- Heavy duty casters keep your workspace mobile and stable. Rated to support more than 1500lbs per wheel, you won't need to worry about their long-term performance.

- Threaded holes (0.25'') in various locations allow for easy and sturdy mounting of fire extinguishers, outlets, and bulky items. 

- Reinforced bottom and top surfaces ensure no sagging. Perfect for handling heavy batteries, car parts, large electronics, and more.

- Smooth sliding rails for easy access to the backboard and its fast switch for new projects. Customize the standard model for dual-sliding backboards for even more working space!

- Fast and easy replacement of all work surfaces with only a drill and new plywood or tabletop.


Take the standard model and customize it to suit your specific needs!


Do you want double backboards? More threaded holes? Shelves? Something else?


We can do that! Just email us today and we can discuss how to make the Bully Bench work best for you. 

Custom welding and metal fabrication services

We want to help create your metal project! We can design, repair, weld, and more for whatever your needs are.


We can take your project from start to finish. Designing, cutting, assembling, painting, and more.


High-quality welding is what you can depend on. We can handle a wide variety of welding processes and metal types.


Have us repair your metal items! Contact us today to discuss what you need fixed.

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